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A child in elementary school, one of my favorite times of day was when I was allowed to draw and paint; drawing only squiggles in lines unfamiliar with drawing human forms, i drew as I felt my emotion loving the play of colour.

I did not graduate high school frustrations ended my education the first few weeks at North High as a Student at 16years, however, this love for colour never faded eventually, I went on encouraged by my spouse at the time Robert Jaramillo To Go To Emilly Griffin to Attain my G.E.D.; this trek moved me forward in time to walk a straighter line in balance with these scales of higher learning as this helped me counterbalance life as a mommy with 2 terminally ill babes.

This love for colour never faded eventually, I went on encouraged by my spouse at the time Robert Jaramillo To Go To Emilly Griffin to Attain my G.E.D.; this trek moved me forward into Community College, The University & Focalized Design School. Thank You.

Alligned on time walking a straighter narrow line of balances with these scales of higher learning as this helped me counterbalance life as a mommy with 2 terminally ill babes.

This discovery within myself came first forward as i captured the emotional response of human form drawn in charcoal of my medically fragile CHILD Chennelle. 

These Eucational PathWays Encouraged by My Best Friend's Encouraged Me To Go On Deeper Committed Towards Myself & WellBeing..

These Words, Sank Deeply in MY Heart:

"Knowledge is Power & Power is Knowledge" - Evidententially, this became so True... A Very Truthful Statement of Commentary... Thank You, Vivi Hunter & Rhonda King. 

Thank You My Professor's: Professor Connie Mariel's & Professor Thomas Biolsi  💓

Living Life in Torments Such as Vincent VanGoghs - horrifying torments clearly defined my battles within as too my own mental health.

Positive thinkers Helped Me to put into perspective LIFE and the moving factors behind human nature helping me regain MY self-respect while EveryOne else failed ME these are the shape and shadows of the PERSON of whom I have become TOO this Day of date of 58 yrs...


-"Winners NEVER Quits & Quiters NEVER Wins"-  

In Memmory Honouring RL Jones The Man Who Never Was As He Stated So Eloquently in His Own Written Words Below:


by: R.L.jones

"A hundred year's from now, it will NOT Matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, Or the kind of car I drove..... but the World may be different because I was important in ""The Life Of A Child.""

  R.L.jones (r.i.p. 2014)

ie : 

Rechelle Leah Jaramillo

Chennelle A.Lenae Jaramillo

(1989-1996, Life Long Friend 2014)💓

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My Medium


I use many different mediums: oils, acrylics, pastels, clay as well as metals and wire. 

Though I mostly paint in oil and acrylics I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. As Each conceptualization manifests in its own individual style emotionally as a physical release...

My Inspiration


In this ArtWorks Studio, I enjoy contemplating, the spiritual side of life; translating my surroundings and these spiritual values into my expressions through Art'.

In harmony as I paint or sculpt MY Reflection on past/present/future INFLUENCES of Iconic designs permiating within my current Expressionist Styles of Architecture and Design as well as My Paintings of Human Form. These iconic  stylistic elements are intricate as part of my artisic impressions involvments as I boldly express the wonderful creatures within our Planet and the incredible Beauty of our Earths Bounty 🌎...

Many of my works are directly influenced by famous ArtWorks, of such ARTIST's as Vincent Van Gogh, Henry Matisse, Freda Kalo as well as Michael Angelo Historically; Many other' styles of Iconic Post Modernism of Expressionist and Impressionist whom impressed upon my mind are Piet Mondrian, Gustav Klimt, Edward Munch, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet.

For myself mentionablly is modern Artist Yeshua who became well-known for his paintings of human form, Unique for his transformation of our past President Obama as well as other citizens of the world also Destiny Blu for her BOLDNESS of COLOUR and Bravery to Reveal through her artistic expressions her own dealings of PTSD...

Yeshua has turned Around Modern Artist Styles Currently with his Outstanding Transformation of Human Form and 

Artistic Expression he is Capturing the Hearts ❤ of Many as An inspiration as well  too many Artists including Myself-Monijolica.

Destiny Blue is also notable and incredible in my opinions as she has risen above many current Artist with her designs of clothing and boldness of colour in her artworks- as she is dealing with her own mental diagnosis.

These two have struck a cord in my mind along with ARTIST of the past- who face challenging obstacles yet "NEVER GIVE UP" thereby giving a hopeful outcome to my own journeys within the Arts'... They are Encouragement for ME at a Distance...

Each of my ArtWorks are a reflection of my internal thoughts as I compose within the moments of creation; harmoniously, interpreting the feel of my own spirituality, in unison with play of colour' of my selected palete, the lighting, depth, dimension, design configurations and composition uniquely reflecting natural laws in the details of my Youth Spirit ArtWorks...

I love recreating human expressions, unique creature perspectives, ominous landscapes, flora and fauna that catches my thoughts; it is my pleasure, to reflect these images within my ArtWorks; as I create each piece, I unknowingly shed flowing tears, reactively...

As I paint, my tears stream down onto my face reactively; as they fall upon my cheeks, I am, without realizing it; not until the salty droplets flow upon my lips...

In these moments I just know, as well as, I feel, the physical changes occuring inside me.  Physical/Emotional changes occur inside my person as a sense of peacefulness -a detachment- from distresses at this point is happening as I shed these unstoping  tears...

While in these moments of detachment and destressment, I am in deep thoughts contemplating imagery of poeple I've known, places I've  seen or long too see; ALL of these thoughts fill my mind, ALL are reflections of my personal journeys through this life (real/unreal); as well as my achievements and accomplishments as an individual and as a momentary mother; Once Upon a Time... 

Particularly I am Remembering, my daughter's brief lives as a whole:

1) our grief- theirs and mine caused by the inability to communicate with each other,  my heightened senses surfacing as a protective mother...

2) our pangs of distress- due to each of their physical and emotional decompensations as they descended and ascended from infantile milestones, remarkably, as they collapsed from one plateau unto another...

3) Their struggles of individuality- as they felt a chasm between themselves, relatives, and other children as they plunged "progressively and regreesivly" into indelible reverberations of unmerciful cycles and plateaus of decompensations...

As each one individually experienced emotional desperations as they were in turn desperately struggling with basic life (milestones once achieved) skills such as eating, drinking, walking, happiness, joy, fears, inability and instability to articulate with All in the family as well as Other's as they Abruptly Plunged and Decompensated from one Plateau falling upon another in rapid descents...

Mostly, I remember the battles with a longterm care facility -immposing their views, upon my girl's basic needs and necessities within life, exposing them daily too abuse, neglect and molestation...

Experiencing daily, the emotional trauma as the facilities administrations and staff where grossly interfering with my lawful rights as a parent, care giver, and natural mother who was actively concerned and involved (with both of my daughter's care) on a daily basis with each of their lives regularly...

My active involvements within my girls lives everyday was my personal choice as I gave feely all i had inside myself as I deeply loved my daughter's, Unconditionally (as did they're father)...

This involvement as a parent exposed me regularly to the factual -truths- behind-the- scenes- that All the children who were chronically and/or terminally ill were experiencing; issues of sexual molestation, harmful/deadly abusiveness which was "Ending" Children's lives abruptly unrelated to their conditions...

As well as Neglectfulness causing unexplainable injuries of broken bones where children were NOT given medical attention nor meds for the pain; not until it was obvious to the parents as the child' was crying out from intense pain directly from the break and extensive swelling; only then Tylenol was given by parents persistence etc...

I/we we're Observing, many a parent, in constant upset over these issue's in addition to the administration contributing too the intensity of the parents distress through powerful administrative actions aimed specifically for the purpose of covering up abusiveness...

Therefore in an attempt to be discouraging to the parents concerns regarding their child's injuries, neglect, abuse, and molestation, by staff claiming to be skilled who at times have criminal records not acceptable for hire as an attendant in most cases but who had been employed as attendants for the children as their criminal records were not taken into consideration at hiring or were ignored when discovered as they wete already in positions;  as well the administration and nurses were concealing these violation after the fact...

It is important to note those personnel in question were caring directly for the children causeing these mishandlings which directly overshadowed the child's quality of life (as the parents had NO Recognized Voice in these Matters, inorder to end them- legally) as the confined children, themselves had -NO Voice- to speak out defending themselves against these criminal acts, henceforth, these acts continued...

As a mother, enduring such incideous criminal activities,  i became determined to protect my daughter's lives and those around them; persistently, I cared for my girls needs, however, towards their end of life stages -I could NOT Cope- nor Mentally adjust to the extreme Intensity and Repepetitiveness- of these criminal actions; therefore, I developed an intensive RAGE within of which detrimentally impacted my health...

Resultingly, I grossly decompensated developing mental health issues such as PTSD and Cancer; both developing from intensive prolonged distress...

With time, after post death, I began to heal through Àrt therapies eventually, implementing these techniques into my thoughts and processes within my ARTS and Painting sessions...

Since those horrific, times I've regained control over my PTSD and Cancer; Now I paint to maintain my minds mental health - these are vast reasons why- I  reactively shed a tear' as I paint..

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ArtistCoveColorado, Encouraging Communities to Become Involved Supporting through Donations: 

Funding, the Formation of an Àrt Studio/Gallery, for Families who have a (child') member Diagnosed as Chronically and/or Terminally ill; they will Learn New Coping Skills through the "ARTISTIC Process", of Interpreting the World and Life about them from a Unique Perspective thereby Circumventing Anxieties/PTSD and Cancers -otherwise- Arising from their Uncontrollable and Distressing Circumstances....


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Mental Distress Damages Physical Health

Do you or someone you know suffer from distressing circumstances finding no solution to heal your mental health?

How do you view healthy mind healthy body...?

Mental Distress Damages Your Physical Health Longterm... Ultimately if you have NO Control of your thoughts, your mind and physical health is sabotaged. Shortly thereafter,  you would loose your ability to care for yourself... Therefore, you would loose your rights of independence. After which, you would legally be placed in a care facility to live out your life without the pleasures you enjoyed before the mental distress occurred...


Artistic Expression Heals Your Mind and Body



Seize Control of your Mental Health

Expressing Yourself is Seeing Your Own Results as You Begin Believing in Yourself, Once Again - FACT: You will be Regaining Control of Your Mental Health...

ArtistCoveColorado, Encourages You To Invest in Yourself Healing as well as Others Enduring Extreme Distressing Circumstances...

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Therapeutic Art Expressionism for families with 1 or MORE affected CHILDREN concurrently affected DAILY with life threatening illnesses needing-: mental and emotional supports while their CHILDREN are living...

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Haunting MEMOIR the Phlight of Innocent CHILDREN


A Documentary on May 2,3 2018- will be Fimling in Denver; a Wish Granted by The Dream Foundation, Filmed by Louis Malone  - Concerning the Phlight of an innocent children with chronic terminal illnesses. Parents REAL LIFE Events- Disclosed...

Revealing the TRUTHS Behind Medically Fragile Children


Parents and Siblings Revealing Critical Information for Parents With Medically Fragile CHILDREN Living Inside Long-term Child Care Facilities...

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To Achieve 100k to Set-up A U.S. chapters for ArtistCoveColorado at a location- undisclosed as of yet-

We are Asking Philanthropists Sponsors to Give to ArtistCoveColorado Generously making LIFE BETTER for families who Are Enduring Emotionally this type of Trauma, Grief and Distress From Facilities Abuseiveness of Power- So the Families Can Release their Emotional Anger and Pangs of Distress in a Healthy Placement through the self expressions of Art and Healing...

Your Generous financial Support through sustainable commitments as long term or up to 12 month's and LONGER as reoccurring deposits as 1000.00 per month would help us tremendously Give the aid these children and families need so desperately.

Artistic Expressions will Give them  the tools needed to make wiser choices inorder to isolate and face the distressing impacts on their own emotional and mental state of being- Please contribute 1000k as a set plan of deposit in the amount of 1000.00 per month- or 100k annually...

Sponsors in A Bag- by your Supporting Purchase having your Bussiness Cards in a BAG for the giving contributions of $200.00 X 100 cards in a bag- or in increments of $100.00 × 50 cards - Your Company will be named in the credits of the Documentary MEMOIR Phlight of Innocent CHILDREN- as Supporters...

These bags will be shared with familiar faces of BDRSA families at the UpComing Conference in NasVille TN - July 19-22,  2018...

Additionally, listed on the documntaries credits under Guarantor Sponsors...

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Are NO LONGER Profitable...

3) How?? Can You Prevent these Mortifying Circumstances from Impacting Your CHILD and Yourselves as Parents...

4)  When?? Is the Time to take Action...

5) Whom?? Do you Reach Out to on Your Childrens Behalf...

6) Where?? is the Best Place for Your Child to Live Out his/her Briefs...

7) What?? can you do as Parent's to Protect Your Childs Inalienable Human Rights...

8) How?? Can You defend Your Child when he/she has NO Voice to speak out to Authorities inorder to Report these Crimes Against Themselves....

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